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The market segment of medical diagnostics covers a broad range of products, including analysis sets (multiwell chambers), point-of-care diagnostics devices, cartridges, spin columns, strip drums, and much more. Our smart and well-known automation solutions are able to include a range of processes to deliver high quality medical diagnostics.

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Spin Columns & Strip Drums – Assembly


We have proven experience in assembly systems for medical diagnostic related products for different kinds of spin columns and strip drums. Our specific strength lies in the final assembly of their individual components like bottom, cap with holder and sealing foil. However, our solutions are highly flexible to integrate a wide range of further process steps in the area of pre-assembly.

  • Part Rate: 40 – 160 ppm
  • Dimensions: 6 – 10 sqm
  • Cycle Time: 20 – 40 cycles/min
  • Number of Tracks:  1 – 4
  • Platform: Discovery
  • Types: 48up drums;  96 well trays
  • Controls: Siemens, Rockwell
  • Options: Vision systems, Flow test, Pull test

Analysis Sets / Multiwell Chambers – Assembly

Analysis sets are on the rise, especially in times of COVID-19. We have built and installed already numerous automated solutions for a wide range of analysis sets. This included for example the pre- and final assembly of multiwell chambers that consist of components like the bottom, membrane, glass-capillary, tube, liquids, foils, steel ball, lids, etc.

  • Part Rate: 40 – 160 ppm
  • Dimensions: 6 – 16 sqm
  • Cycle Time: 20 – 40 cycles/min
  • Number of Tracks: 1 – 4
  • Platform: Jetwing and/or Discovery
  • Types: 3well;  5well;  8well
  • Special materials: Coated membrane, Medical Liquids, Aluminium Foil
  • Joining methods: Adhesive (UV-glue), Hot melting, Ultra-Sonic-Welding
  • Controls: Siemens, Rockwell
  • Options: Vision systems, Flow test, Pull test

Cartridges – Glasshandling

The glasshandling of cartridges is a very delicate process that needs highest precision for gripping the products and a yearlong experience to keep the cartridges ´safe´ at all times throughout the whole process. Our ClearlinerTM system is just the right platform for this. It includes loading, rotating, gripping, height control, condensate blow-off, various vision inspections (cap color, glass breakage) and rejecting NOK parts.

Clearliner 400 – 600

  • Part Rate: 40 – 200 ppm
  • Workpiece: Cartridges 1,5ml, 3ml
  • Feeding: Tray size 400 x 300 mm
  • Dimensions: 3700 x 3900 mm incl. tray feed

Reagent Cassettes End of Line – Palletizing

We are experts in End of Line and Palletizing solutions for all kinds of products, including reagent cassettes. The process steps include two-layer loading of cardboard trays, inserting paper interleaves, joining the cardboard tray without collar as a lid, palletizing of the container and finally separating the discharge of OK and NOK parts.

  • Part Rate: 95 parts/minute
  • Workpiece: Single bottles 20 ml, 40 ml and 60 ml reagent cassettes
  • Feeding: Cardboard trays with and without collar, Paper interleaves
  • Dimensions: 6000 x 3000 mm
  • Two-layer loading of cardboard trays with reagent cassettes
  • Inserting paper interleaving
  • Joining cardboard tray without collar as lid
  • Palletizing of the container
  • Separate discharge/insertion of IPC and QC parts

Point-of-Care Products

The form factors for PoC diagnostic tests vary dramatically from very rudimentary test strips to the highly complex microfluidic cartridges and wearable continuous glucose meters. As a result, the automated solutions for manufacturing tend to be customized and unique.

Lateral Flow Assays

This category comprises paper-based platforms that detect and (sometimes) quantify the presence of analytes in samples. Simple LFDs test for a single condition while more complex ones can test for multiple analytes.

Lab-on-a-Chip & Micro Total Analysis

With the evolution of micro and nano technologies, it has become possible to miniaturize the operations normally handled in the laboratory. Fluids in very low quantities, sometimes picoliters, are manipulated via onboard pumps, valves, etc.

Diagnostic Kits

Many PoC diagnostic tests require sample collection, preparation, and storage. From saliva in tubes to nasal swabs, the various sample components and the diagnostic test are assembled into trays and cartons for ease of use at point of use.

Reagent Packs

Although not typically required for the patient itself, reagent packs are an essential part of many lab instruments in hospitals or laboratories. Some reagent packs travel with the sample while others may are stored with the lab instrument.

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