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ATS Handling Solutions

Precise, safe and efficient

The ATS Handling Systems are the perfect match for any assembly processes. We offer our customers standardized and customized solutions like the ClearlinerTM for Tray/Pallet Handling, the CleanTrakTM for Cleanroom Transfer as well as the ATS Labelling System and diverse Robotic Automation.

ATS ClearlinerTM – Tray/Pallet Handler

Our ATS ClearlinersTM are ideal for any tray or ISO/Euro pallet sizes from 400 to 1000 mm. Depending on the quantity of parts and shape of the trays/pallets, we can integrate a conveyor belt or trolley for transfer to and from the machine. Stacks can then be removed or replenished while the ClearlinerTM is in operation. The tray systems (type 400 and 600) are available in a standard version with a single axis, a speed version with two axes, and a special version for cleanrooms up to class 1000 (ISO 6). The pallet handler (type 1000) is available both with and without a dedicated conveyor. Moreover, it can be optionally constructed for cleanrooms of up to class 10000 (ISO 7).

Tray ClearlinerTM 400

  • Dimensions: 1490 x 1260 x 2350 mm
  • Tray size: 400 x 600 mm
  • Height of tray stack: max. 900 mm
  • Tray weight: up to 30 kg
  • Pick-and-place time: < 3 sec

Tray ClearlinerTM 600

  • Dimensions: 1890 x 1460 x 2350 mm
  • Tray size: 600 x 800 mm
  • Height of tray stack: max. 900 mm
  • Tray weight: up to 30 kg
  • Pick-and-place time: < 3 sec

Euro/ISO Pallet ClearlinerTM 1000

  • Dimensions: 3300 x 2500 x 2700 mm
  • Tray size: 300 x 400 up to 600 x 800 mm
  • Height of tray stack: max. 1.200 mm
  • Tray weight: up to 30 kg
  • Pick-and-place time: < 3 sec
  • Tray processing time: < 10 sec

A tray-lifting device is a versatile, easy-to-use alternative to a crane or manipulator. It is ideal for moving heavy tray stacks quickly and easily from pallets onto conveyor belts, and vice versa. It’s suitable for ATS Clearliner 400 and 600.

  • Part Rate: Up to 425 ppm
  • Length: 4.2 m
  • Width: 2.1 m
  • Height: 2.7 m
  • Communication: Ethernet/IP and TCP/IP: image transfer backbone 10Gb
  • Touchscreen HMI: Large 21.5″ with ATS Toolkit Reporting
  • Vision System: ATS Cortex Vision and SmartVision software
  • Vision Display: 27″ 4K
  • Power: 208/120V 15KVA
  • Options: Change-over technology for range of vial sizes: 2mL-30mL; Vial infeed and outfeed solutions including accumulation tables, integrated conveyors, and more

ATS CleantrakTM – Cleanroom Transfer System

Our ATS CleantrakTM transfer system for cleanrooms is the perfect solution for intelligently integrated, end-to-end automation. It is deployed in cleanrooms to link the ClearlinerTM handling system to downstream automation systems and transfer the parts to other stages of assembly. Any arrangement of assembly units is possible. The system can be adapted to the existing physical environment.

  • Base carrier: 30 x 30 up to 60 x 60 mm
  • Cleanrom class: ISO 8
  • Transport speed: 9 up to 32 m/min.
  • Maximum nest weight: 5 kg
  • Maximum total load: 30 kg
  • Surfaces: Compliant with FDA regulations optional

ATS Labeller – Labelling System 

Labelling is a process that many of our customers require. We offer a wide range of standardized and customized solutions for applying labels to products of all shapes and sizes. Where required, we can incorporate a printing system and vision checks into your assembly line as well.

  • Line Speed: up to 30 parts/minute
  • Product variants: Designed for max. 3
  • Feeding labels: 2 stations
  • Process: Stamp printing and/or rewinding
  • Labels: Variable
  • Optional: Booklets

ATS Robotics – Handling System

ABB robots feeding IV bags onto conveyor,

Nowadays, process automation is hardly conceivable without the flexible gripping and handling of parts by robots. At ATS we are specialized in such systems that provide a higher rate of flexibility and precision than ´normal´ systems. The selection of the optimal robot system is based on parameters such as reach, payload and environment.

  • Performance: 150 seconds / part
  • Workpiece: Inverter (E-mobility)
  • Feeding: EPS trays on pallets
  • Dimensions 1000 Rob:  3600 x 4500 mm
  • Separate processing of 2 product variants
  • 4 pallet places are processed by one robot