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Our smart digital solutions create added value for our customers like higher efficiency, reliability, lower costs and better networking. We combine decades of expertise in building and designing assembly and handling systems with the knowledge of what our customers in the Life Sciences Industry need.

IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence

Illuminate is a connected factory floor management system for our customers´ manufacturing environment. For superior and sustainable manufacturing OEE, productivity, and product quality, Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence is designed to move our customers from data-to-data decision, in minutes. It provides decisive and transformational insight, and unlocks performance possibilities on the essential machines, lines and processes that power and propel the manufacturing business.

ATS LyoscanTM – High Speed Visual Inspection

The LyoscanTM inspection system executes approximately 40 vision inspections utilizing 28 cameras to appropriately assess the stopper, cap and body features of each vial, as well as the integrity of the lyophilized cake contained within the vial. Quick change tooling provides system flexibility so that glass vials from 2-20ml in size can be accommodated. Manual and automated vial infeed options are available.

  • Part Rate: Up to 425 ppm
  • Length: 4.2 m
  • Width: 2.1 m
  • Height: 2.7 m
  • Communication: Ethernet/IP and TCP/IP: image transfer backbone 10Gb
  • Touchscreen HMI: Large 21.5″ with ATS Toolkit Reporting
  • Vision System: ATS Cortex Vision and SmartVision software
  • Vision Display: 27″ 4K
  • Power: 208/120V 15KVA
  • Options: Change-over technology for range of vial sizes: 2mL-30mL; Vial infeed and outfeed solutions including accumulation tables, integrated conveyors, and more